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Basic game info

Your aim is to maintain your fish tank, grow more fishies and collect some money to upgrade your tank. You need to pay attention to your tank to have good results in the game, so don't forget to check it often. You will get a really nice tutorial at the beginning of the game, but feel free to look through this FAQ if you have any questions. You will get daily bonuses on the first login every day.

How to get daily bonuses?

If you run the game once a day, you receive daily bonuses. Don't stop playing, and you will receive a huge bonus after 5 days of playing.

How to buy a fish?

Tap 'pointer' button, then tap 'store' button, and tap the random place on the screen. Fish will appear in your tank.

How to feed my fishes?

Tap 'pointer' button, then tap ‘food’ icon, and then tap the screen as many times as you need to feed your fishes.

How to clean the tank?

Tap 'pointer' button, then tap 'clean' button and wipe the screen with your finger.

How to upgrade your fish with evolution?

Tap 'pointer' button, then tap 'evolution' button, choose any cell on the screen, and select the fish, that you need to upgrade. Wait a couple of minutes to proceed.

Why do I need an evolution?

Evolution is the only way to get some unique fish types.

How to re-design your tank?

First of all you need to buy some decors in the shop: go to the 'store', then to 'decors' tab, and buy any available decor you want. When decor is purchased you will see the Redesign screen, you can move the decor, or flip it from the menu, just tap the particular decor.

How can I get gems or additional coins?

You can buy it with 'Gems' tab in the game menu. You need an active AppStore account for it.

What's "Tasks" icon on the left of the screen?

You can watch available tasks in this menu (after tapping this icon). You can get rewards by finishing the tasks. To claim your reward you need to tap 'submit' button on a finished task.

What’s "Social" icon?

By pressing this button you can go to the social menu. You can interact with other players there.

You can visit other players’ tanks, help them with cleaning or write messages on their walls.

You can also ask a player to be your neighbor or a friend, or invite some people to the game (they will be your neighbors too, as a result). Your neighbors have a chance to find a treasure for you, so the more neighbors you have, the higher is the chance to find it.

You can also send some gifts to your neighbors by pressing "Gifts", view your messages, profile and rating in the community.